The beginning of the dairy in Banni can be traced to the start of the first Bulk Milk Cooling Center (BMC) at Bhirandhiara by Mother Dairy on the 17th of May 2009. At present, there are two dairies operating in Banni namely, Mother Dairy and Sarhad Dairy. Mother Dairy has established three B.M.C.’s in Banni at Bhirandhiara, Dhordo and Hodka while Sarhad has a BMC located at Bhirandhiara. However, as Banni borders the 5 talukas of Bhuj, Bhachau, Nakhatrana, Anjar and Lakhpat; some milk from the eastern fringes of Banni goes to the Dhori BMC located outside Banni while milk from villages on the western fringe of Banni goes to the Nakhtarana BMC.

The establishment of the dairies in Banni has created market linkages for the Maldharis leading to both forward and backward linkages. Prior to the establishment of the dairy, the Maldharis received on average Rs. 8-13/litre for milk whereas the current rates are anywhere between Rs. 23-30/litre. It has also resulted in a shift in the Maldharis from earlier being primarily animal breeders to now focusing more on the production of milk. The average per day collection of milk by the dairies from Banni in winter is roughly 40000 litres. However, this amount is higher during the rainy season while it falls lower during the lean summer season.