Music forms a very important part of a maldhari’s life. The maldhari men use various kinds of instruments while going out with their herd for grazing. Each community has brought along a different form of music, which has given Kachchhi music a unique identity. Music in Banni has an influence of the Sufi style. Some of the popular styles of music in Banni are waai, Kaafi, Molud, Bhajan, Raag, Bheth, etc. The popular instruments include morchang, jodia pava, santaar, surando, etc.

Soorvani, an informal organization created by the Media Cell of Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan, is a common stage for the 305 musicians representing 38 different musical forms. The overarching goal of Soorvani is to improve the status and situation of Kutchi folk musicians.  Its objectives are to preserve, sustain, revive, energize and promoteKutch’s folk music traditions.