Women of Banni have intrinsic artistic abilities. Embroidery, lacquer work, wood carving, leather work, etc. are some of the famous forms of handicrafts found in Banni. Women of every community are engaged in embroidery work. Each community has special types of embroidery stitches, unique to itself. Embroidery work is mainly done by the women for gift-giving purposes, on special occasions like marriage, get-togethers, festivals, etc. Some forms of embroidery are also done to decorate animals. Leather work, wood carving and lacquer work are mostly done by the members of the Vadha community. Leather work includes making bags, belts and foot wear. Wood carving is mainly done for the doors and windows of the bhunga. Some of the organizations in Kachchh, like Qasab, Shrujan and Kalaraksha, are working on traditional crafts. (Links to websites of these organizations to be attached).